Altavista is a team of professionals in the field of legal assistance, bringing together talented lawyers and attorneys specializing in various branches of law.

  The main focus of our activity is on experience and trusting relationship with the client. We sincerely believe that professionalism, ability to interact and willingness not to give up are important components of the successful legal work …


/ Criminal law protection in the preliminary investigation stage and in court

/ Protection of Heads of companies from the criminal prosecution

/ Protection of natural persons in complex criminal cases with economic focus

/ Police checks (Main Directorate of economic security and combating the corruption)

/ Tax crimes and inspections

/ Legal support in activities of legal entities

/ Crimes in the spheres of Intellectual property and in digital technology

/ Crimes in the field of the drug trafficking

/ Crimes in IT-technology field and Internet

/ Offences against life and health of citizens

/ Bankruptcy of organizations and individuals

/ Corporate matters

/ Issues related to failing to fulfil a contractual obligation, collection of debts and loss

/ Disputes in the spheres of Intellectual property including violation of exclusive rights on the Internet

/ Compensation for health and property damages

/ Protection of honour and dignity and business reputation

/ Differences between manufacturer, seller and consumer

/ Family legal relationship, dispute regarding the children

/ Insurance disputes

/ Labour dispute

/ Administrative offences

/ Administrative proceedings

/ Oral and written consultations, attendance in negotiations

/ Claim and judicial work

/ Preparation, verification, analysis of contracts

/ Resolving of a corporate issues

Personalized and practical advices, as well as legal conclusions of Altavista’s lawyers and jurists will provide you with reliable tools to protect your rights and defend your interests.

/ Legal assistance to sports schools, clubs, other organizations, athletes, agents, coaches and their families

/ Consultations on law enforcement in the field of sports law and related fields including advertising contracts and obtaining the licenses

/ Legal drafting and  conclusion in sports law field and related fields

/ Legal assistance including PRO BONO to children’s and youth sports schools

/ Legal support in creation/reorganization/liquidation of sports organizations, clubs, registration of new sports

/ Dispute resolution in labour conflicts of athletes, coaches, agents, clubs

/ Comprehensive legal support for football players on issues of changing “football citizenship”

/ Representation of all actors of physical education and sport in adjudicating sports and related disputes in arbitral tribunal, courts of arbitration for sport, in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts, and also in  jurisdictions of sports federations at the Russian and international level (RFU, KHL, FIFA)

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This page is under construction.


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