In so doing, many people ask, why the criminal lawyer is needed, if the rate of acquittals in Russia and many European countries is negligible, forgetting about the possibility of terminating a criminal case in the preliminary investigation stage or reclassify the assigned article already in court.

Namely, the lack of defendant’s activity with lawyer at the stage of initial inquiries as well as directly in initiated criminal cases often leads to pressure from law-enforcement authorities and negative consequences that are difficult to redress later.

Effective advocacy on behalf of victims is not possible without lawyer’s work on the collection of evidence necessary for compensation for damage caused by an offence. Our experience shows that timely to seeking assistance from a lawyer allows us to develop an optimal protection strategy and minimize or completely prevent the unjustified criminal prosecution and provide with restoration the violated rights of victims of offences. 
The key to success of our team’s lawyers is backgrounds in law enforcement and many years of legal practice’s experience on protection the interests of principals at the all stages of criminal procedure.

Criminal law protection in the preliminary investigation stage and in court
Protection of Heads of companies from the criminal prosecution
Protection of natural persons in complex criminal cases with economic focus
Police checks (Main Directorate of economic security and combating the corruption)
Tax crimes and inspections
Legal support in activities of legal entities
Crimes in the spheres of Intellectual property and in digital technology
Crimes in the field of the drug trafficking
Crimes in IT-technology field and Internet
Offences against life and health of citizens

The Arbitration Courts consider cases relating on economic disputes and others related to entrepreneurship and different economic activities, civil legal disputes on collection of claim compensations arising from the contracts and other deals, causing of unjust enrichment, disputes arising from administrative and other public law relations.
Participation in resolving of corporate conflicts, development of internal company’s documents, compensation for the loss and penalty, challenging government decisions and state acts, as well as the protection of other violated or disputed rights and legitimate interests in entrepreneurship- these are the areas of activity where advocates and lawyers of arbitration practice work whose assistance you are able to get from Altavista.

Bankruptcy of organizations and individuals
Corporate matters
Issues related to failing to fulfil a contractual obligation, collection of debts and loss
Disputes in the spheres of Intellectual property including violation of exclusive rights on the Internet

Collection of debts, consumer disputes, division of property or reinstate is always accompanied by requests for additional evidence, writing the detailed explanations and qualitative speech at the court.
Due to own occupancy and lack of skills in judicial work and knowledge in the area of law to defend your own position in court by yourself is difficulty, especially if the opponent has a lawyer.
In our view to resolve, the legal dispute will be more effective with participation of a legal representative and only you can make a decision: to fight alone or seek assistance from specialists.

Compensation for health and property damages
Protection of honour and dignity and business reputation
Differences between manufacturer, seller and consumer
Family legal relationship, dispute regarding the children
Insurance disputes
Labour dispute

With the adoption of new laws establishing administrative responsibility for acts that at first seem legal but difficult to understand the intricacies of the of the administrative legislation for citizens and organizations
Same as it is not always possible independently to challenge prosecution in cases of an accident, or assert your rights as a victim when hitting a car and receive insurance compensation for damage to property.

Сhallenging government decisions and state acts, representation of interests and protection of violated rights and freedoms in cases arising from administrative and other public law relations – this is the work of Altavista’s lawyers and attorneys in the practice of administrative law.

Administrative offences
Administrative proceedings

Either assessment of legal risks when concluding the business contracts, attendee in meetings and negotiations with partners, pre-trial settlement of disputes, or verification of the contract with a medical clinic or preparation of a will/ marriage contract is required the work of a professional lawyer.

Concluding subscription service agreement with Altavista you will minimize your legal risks in business and/or get your personal legal advisor in the family.

Oral and written consultations, attendance in negotiations
Claim and judicial work
Preparation, verification, analysis of contracts
Resolving of a corporate issues

Our team consists of legal practitioners, as well as professors of leading Russian university Kutafin Moscow State Law University, what allows providing comprehensive advice and opinions for solving legal problems.

Personalized and practical advices, as well as legal conclusions of Altavista’s lawyers and jurists will provide you with reliable tools to protect your rights and defend your interests.