Special Projects

Special feature of work in the field of sports law is the fact that sports legal relationship are not limited to issues of participation in sports events and training.

Now in Russia legal relationship also include civil, labor and administrative relation, in the field of sports medicine and protection of athletes’ health, business and criminal law risks, anti-doping and international relation and settlement of sports disputes.

    Namely the existence of professionals from the spheres above allow us to provide legal support comprehensively to all actors of physical education and sport, work qualitatively in our special practice “Sports Law”

Legal assistance to sports schools, clubs, other organizations, athletes, agents, coaches and their families
Consultations on law enforcement in the field of sports law and related fields including advertising contracts and obtaining the licenses
Legal drafting and  conclusion in sports law field and related fields
Legal assistance including PRO BONO to children's and youth sports schools
Legal support in creation/reorganization/liquidation of sports organizations, clubs, registration of new sports
Dispute resolution in labour conflicts of athletes, coaches, agents, clubs
Comprehensive legal support for football players on issues of changing “football citizenship”
Representation of all actors of physical education and sport in adjudicating sports and related disputes in arbitral tribunal, courts of arbitration for sport, in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts, and also in  jurisdictions of sports federations at the Russian and international level (RFU, KHL, FIFA)

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Киберспорта (юридическая помощь и защита кибер спортсменам, консультирование по пользовательским соглашениям, ассоциацией (PEGI, и др.), игровые компании;
Реклама и продажа персонажей/игровых поинтов и других объектов игрового мира как объект интеллектуальной собственности;
Решения проблем блокировки сайтов; обработки персональных данных;
Сопровождение проектов кибер безопасности;
Разработки и анализа пользовательских соглашений и политик конфиденциальности и др.;
Также мы проводим самостоятельно и по запросам клиентов обучающие семинары и тренинги в сфере цифрового права, киберспорта, интелектуальной собственности т.д.;

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